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Welcome to Shen Yin Wang Zuo Wiki!

by Tang Jia San Shao


7,000 years ago marked the sudden arrival of the 72 Demon Gods and the Demon Race, bringing with them the Demon Breath which lasted for 100 days and caused all those who came in contact with them, be it human, plant or magical beast to turn into Demonic beings who obeyed the Demon Gods and caused havoc within the Shengmo Continent making mankind go nearly extinct.

3,000 years ago marked the rise of the mankind's strongest powers, the six Temple Halls who after a lot of trouble stabilized the situation, putting a stop to the demons' progress. The temple alliance managed to claim a quarter of the continent and have been at war at a standstill against the Demon Race.

On the present day a young boy by the name of Long Hao Chen joins the Temple Alliance as a knight to help his frail mother. Then he begins a journey as a Knight to help all of humanity to reclaim what was once lost. Will he be able to surpass the others and ascend to the Throne of the Strongest Knight?

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Long Xing Yu 2
Long Xing Yu
Featured Quote
To defend humanity, to defend the kind hearted, to defend the Temple Alliance, to defend our families.

—Beginner Knights, reciting the Knight's oath.

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